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Middle School Program

The Exploris School: Middle School Program
401 Hillsborough St., Suite A
Raleigh, NC 27603
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Exploris creates independent learners, critical and creative thinkers, and active and responsible participants in a global society. The middle school curriculum at Exploris is based on how young adolescents learn best through an interdisciplinary instructional approach in a small class setting.


Relying on National and State educational standards, Exploris teachers involve their students in inquiry-based learning through themes. Middle school themes engage students in current, complex, and relevant issues and incorporate language arts, social studies, science, the arts, and civic action. This is done without textbooks (except for math) and culminates with an innovative assessment technique that reinforces learning.

The standards for student work are high; the authenticity, relevance, and engagement in their work motivate both teachers and students. Consequently, students and teachers enjoy a rich and stimulating curriculum.


Participation in the broader community is a hallmark of the Exploris philosophy and experience. Exploris knows its neighbors and integrates learning with local universities, businesses, community and civic organizations to actively serve and learn with the community in which we participate.

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