About Our School

Mission and Core Values

Exploris is a learning community that engages students in a rigorous, relevant, relationship-based education.  This is done through experiential, project-based learning that empowers students to build a connected, just and sustainable world.


Exploris will be a catalyst for solving present and future problems across the street and around the world.

Core Values

Exploris is a school founded on the principles of global education.  According to David Selby and Graham Pike, international leaders in this approach, global education is based upon “the interconnectedness of communities, lands, and peoples, the interrelatedness of all social, cultural and natural phenomena, links between past, present, and future, and the complementary nature of the cognitive, affective, physical and spiritual dimensions of the human being.  It addresses issues of development, equity, peace, social and environmental justice, and environmental sustainability.  It encompasses the personal, the local, the national, and the planetary.  Along with these principles, its approach to teaching and learning is experiential, interactive, children-centered, democratic, convivial, participatory, and change-oriented.”

Exploris’s articulation of its core values ground the school in this global approach.  These values are:

CURIOSITY- True knowledge does not occur without curiosity.  Students are empowered to ask questions about the world around them and to explore possible answers.

REFLECTION- In an ever-changing world of new ideas, the importance of reflecting on one’s thinking and the thinking of others cannot be underestimated.  Exploris values the creation of time to slow down, to reflect, and to build connections.

CRAFTSMANSHIP– Producing an exemplary product is challenging.  It takes attention to detail, grit, perseverance, revision, and tenacity.  It takes a growth mindset and a dedication to competing with one’s own personal best.

ENGAGEMENT- People learn best when they are exposed to meaningful, complex issues that are applicable to their own lives.  Teachers engage students in current, relevant issues by solving authentic problems that are being addressed beyond the four walls of the school building.  Student work is tangibly connected not only to the local community, but also to other regions of the world and to past and future events.

COLLABORATION- Learning is a democratic process that is enhanced through the sharing of different perspectives and life experiences.  Collaboration results in a tapestry of learners who know they can depend on each other and work together in almost any situation.  With collaboration, the end product is deeper, and Exploris students experience a collective sense of accomplishment and ownership.

RELATIONSHIPS- A nurturing school environment is one where students are encouraged to build and maintain positive relationships with their teachers, parents, peers, and community.  With a keen understanding of the unique development of the age group that they teach, teachers are intentional about the structures and relationship-building activities that they design.

CONNECTIONS TO NATURE- When students witness the power and elements of the natural world through adventure and stewardship, they begin to view themselves as just one species within a larger system.

SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT- Students realize that they have the power to change how their world works.  They know how to navigate public systems, lobby public officials, and present their research and opinions as responsible citizens.

INNOVATION- In a constantly changing world, the ability to approach challenges in a new way is vital.  Exploris teachers and students design projects that encourage divergent thinking, creativity, ideation, and risk-taking.

BALANCE- To be fully human, students must be healthy in mind, in body, and in spirit.  Emphasis on students’ physical and emotional health prepare them for the mental challenges necessary in achieving total success in school.

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