Each grade level consists of 68 students and four core teachers. Instructional activity at each grade level is based in a suite of two classrooms with full Internet wiring and 16 multimedia computers. Although there are no “homerooms,” each core teacher has responsibility for a Prime Group of 17 students. This group meets regularly, with the teacher taking responsibility for assessment, parent notification, and general student support of his/her particular group. The core teachers are supported by our Global Languages, Health & Well Being, Art, and Exceptional Children’s teachers. In addition to our principal we have an administrator that runs the office, serves as test coordinator, and a parent contact.


Exploris strives to create independent, creative and critical thinkers through interdisciplinary themes and projects. Teachers base the direction of the themes on four areas: a school matrix that outlines broad categories for learning in each grade level, student inquiry, NC Standard Course of Study, and current global issues. While the broad themes in each grade level might be similar from year to year, the specific projects and community connections of the theme are dynamic.

Service Learning

Students build community connections through weekly service-learning partnerships with museums, city farms, partner schools, and so much more.  By committing to service within their community, students see the value in their fellow citizens as well as in themselves.  Our students feel ownership to their community and the work they do.

Examples of past and present service-learning activities:

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