Additional Ways to Give

$100k and 100% Participation!

How do we get to $100,000 and 100% participation?

Thoughts from our 6th grade Math teacher, and parent, Shannon Hardy

What are our goals?
We want to reach $100,000 and have 100% participation.

How much should families contribute?
If we split it equally… $100,000 divided by 400 families equals about $250 per child. So a family of 3 might pay $750.

This might be fair, but not equitable. If we are a school that teaches our children that we meet each other where we are, then shouldn’t we also expect families give based on where they are? Most importantly, we have a goal of 100% participation. We would love for every family at the school to invest in Exploris.

Some possible giving scenarios:

  • What if families contributed .5 to 1% of their income per student?
    • Single mom making $50,000 year might contribute $250 per child.
    • A family of 4 with two parents working and two students at Exploris might make $200,000 per year and contribute $1,000 per child or $2,000 total. They might opt to spread this out over 5 payments, or they might decide to pay in March when they get a tax return
  • Grandparents might have contributed to tuition previously and are interested in continuing to support their grandchildren’s education. Maybe the grandparents contribute $2,000 and the parents match with $2,000 of their own.

Some other ways we might be able to breakdown the level of giving:

1 donor contributes $10,000
3 families contribute $5000
5 families contribute $3,000
15 families contribute $1000
20 families contribute $500
30 families donate $50
40 families contribute $300
50 families contribute $200
50 families donate $100
3 families contribute $15,000
3 families contribute $10,000
1 family contributes $5,000
1/2 Cary Academy’s tuition
1/2 day care costs for an infant
1/6 of Ravenscroft Tuition
1/6 of Cathedral Tuition/Follow the Child
1/20 of Raleigh School tuition
Giving Circles (0.005 x $60,000)
50 families donate $150
260 families contribute a total of $101k
1 family contributes $12,000
1 family contributes $7,500
1 family contributes $1,500


But these scenarios don’t help us get to 100% participation.
So the answer is… Contribute to Exploris at the level that is right for your family this year!

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