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Charter School vs Public School Funding

How Charter School Funding is Different from Public School Funding

We are proud to be in a state that supports public charter schools; however, it is important to note that there are some diff erences in funding between district schools and charter schools. We highlight these differences below so you can understand why Exploris asks for contributions to an Annual Fund.

  • As a public charter school, the state provides approximately $6,900 per student, which covers teacher and administrative salaries, instructional supplies, technology, and other operational costs.
  • While Exploris is able to provide teachers with salaries that are competitive with the Wake County Public School System (WCPPS), we are unable to offer a similar benefits package, including participating in the NC Retirement System. This makes it difficult to recruit veteran teachers.
  • WCPSS buildings and facilities are funded through local bonds, but charter schools are not able to access any of those funds to cover the costs of our buildings. For this reason, Exploris must cover the cost of our buildings through our instructional funds.

Exploris is committed to a downtown location to provide access to the cultural and education opportunities including our partnerships with:

City Farm | NC Museum of Natural Sciences | NC State Legislature
City of Raleigh  | NC Dept of the Environment & Natural Resources
NC Museum of History | Riverkeepers | 
Neuse River Greenway
Walnut Creek Wetlands | Contemporary Art Museum

Our downtown location means that our building costs are higher than if we had a more suburban location. Currently, our facilities’ expenses represent almost 20% of our annual expenditures.

Exploris has spent 20 years building a solid reputation for responsible fiscal management. Our elementary school expansion was made possible in part through the contributions of families from previous Annual Fund campaigns. Your contribution to this year’s Annual Fund will help ensure that we are able to continue to off er this unique educational experience to more families. These funds also help us build up a reserve to insulate us from potential changes to charter school funding that the state legislature might pass.

When you invest in Exploris, you are a Catalyst for:


2008 NC Environmental Educator of the Year
2008-2010 Kennan Fellowship for Sustainable Literacy and Consumerism
2003-2012 NC Honor School of Distinction (state’s highest distinction)
2014 First Place in NC DOT Bridge Building Competition


2010 Raleigh Environmental Youth Award
Several Student Presidential Volunteer Service Awards


2014 U.S. Department of Education Green Ribbon School Award

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