Fall 2016 Picture Day FAQ

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Photo Gallery Link (password has been emailed for privacy)
Paper Order Form
Exploris Flyer

When are orders due by?
Each year it will be two weeks after the pictures are available to see online. In 2016 orders and payment
are due by 11/1/16

Do I have to order online or may I send in my order?
You can place an order online or by turning in an order form with payment to Mae or Mary Margaret.

Will there be Spring pictures?
No, fall pictures will be the only pictures each year.

Orders are delivered to the school!
Please note, you must select “Studio Pick Up” for the order to be delivered.

Can my order be shipped?
Yes, orders can be shipped instead of delivered to the school. The shipping charge is $12.50 per order.

Can I preorder my package?
Yes, an order form with payment may be sent in early. You will need to email Shannon with your selections once the images are available to view.

May I order a larger size then 5xs7 for the class print?
Yes, you may order any of the offered sizes.

Will there be retakes or a makeup day?
Retakes will be offered with a package prepurchase. There will be a makeup day for absent children.

Why does it only say ‘Studio Pick Up’ or ‘Shipping’ at check out?
Won’t my pictures be delivered to the school?
This is a limitation to the ordering software. When checking out online, select ‘Studio Pick Up’ and your
order will be delivered to the school.

Why are there no class pictures for the middle school?
It is not common for middle school pictures and the school would like to minimize class disruption.

Why are we not doing spring pictures this year?
The previous company offered traditional images in the fall and personality pictures in the spring. We offer beautiful images and try to bring out kids personalities.

Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather.
Both the elementary and middle school kids had a hard time with the cold during pictures last year. So many shivering kids! Make sure they dress in clothes they will be comfortable in at 9am without a jacket or other outer wear. If you do not want your child to wear a hoodie in the pictures, discuss that with them beforehand.


What should my child NOT wear?
Neon as it creates strange color changes to skin.
Clothes that are too small or big.
Clothing too light for outside morning weather

What should my child wear?
Clothes that fit. Outfits that express their current personality. Colors that bring out the best in their
features and skin tones.


Where do I find the Image number to order?
The image number is above the image when looking at the single image view.

How much is sales tax?
Sales tax of 6.75% is included in the pricing.

Who do I make the check payable to?
Lifelong Impressions

If you have any questions, please contact Shannon by email or phone.

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