Walnut Creek Wetland Center
Green Design Features

Sketches provided by Erin Sterling of Frank Harmon Architect PA

Street View Site Plan Perspective Floor Plan

Walnut Creek Wetland Center - Wildlife Viewing Deck

Wildlife Viewing Deck
Slanted Roof
The sloped roof was designed to let light in on the north side, and to let rainwater from the roof fall to the south side which is adjacent to the creek. The roof's deep overhang also helps shade the building in the summer and allows more sunlight in for warmth in the winter.
Trex Decking
Deck is made entirely of recycled plastic material.
Natural Air Ways
Multiple air ways allow air to move through the building and cool it off in place of air conditioning when the weather is mild.
Natural Light Sources
Multiple windows allow for views to the wetlands, creek and woods beyond as well as a considerable reduction in the use of artificial lighting.