Walnut Creek Wetland Center
Green Design Features

Sketches provided by Erin Sterling of Frank Harmon Architect PA

Street View Site Plan Perspective Floor Plan

Walnut Creek Wetland Center - Floor Plan

Floor Plan
Natural Air Circulation
The central entry breezeway and main circulation areas of the building are covered, open-air walkways. This allows them to be used as passageways throughout the building while eliminating the need to use excess energy for heating and cooling.
Paint and Carpet
The paint, stains and other applications contain a small amount of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and the carpets are made of recycled materials with low VOC adhesives as well.
Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures
The urinals in the building are waterless and the toilets have a very low gallons per flush for their water usage. This saves a great deal of water since this is a public building whose restrooms will be used frequently.