Northern Dusky Salamander
(Desmognathus fuscus)

Northern Dusky Salamander
Photo by permission of Alvin Braswell,
NC State Museum of Natural Sciences

Seasons in Walnut Creek: Year-round resident

This is one of the most common salamanders in North America. This species has gills when in the totally aquatic larval stage and can be found underneath debris at the bottom of creeks and streams. Being nocturnal, it is non-active during the day and can occasionally be found under debris. The color patterns on its back will change as it ages.

Key Field Marks:

Key Behaviors:

Habit and Range:

Walnut Creek Sighting: Found underneath debris at the bottom of Walnut Creek on a cold cloudy day in early December.

This page prepared by 8th grader Jonny C.
Exploris Middle School - Fall 2008