Carolina Mantid
(Stagmomantis carolina)

Carolina Mantid
Photo by permission of Ranger Greg Orcutt

Seasons in Walnut Creek: Summer to late autumn

The Carolina Mantid is a smaller and rarer version of the Chinese mantis (a.k.a. "praying mantis"), which is an invasive species. It is unique to the Carolinas, and it is the South Carolina state insect. Their babies hatch in reaction to warmth, usually in late spring, and sometimes can hatch in reaction to early warm spells. They have lightning fast reflexes, and can strike twice before its prey has time to escape. Found in meadows, shrubbery and gardens, this voracious hunter will eat any insect...even its own mate. These voracious predators even can eat hummingbirds.

Key Field Marks:

Key Behaviors:

Habit and Range:

Walnut Creek Sighting: Egg case was seen in woods along the Walnut Creek floodplain on an overcast day in late October.

Carolina Mantid
Photo by permission of Betty Anderson
Carolina Mantid
Photo by permission of Leon Higley

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