Redbelly Water Snake
(Nerodia erythrogaster)

Redbelly Water Snake

Seasons in Walnut Creek: Year-round resident, less active in winter

The Redbelly Water Snake is a snake that is a close resemblance of the Banded Water Snake. While not poisonous, the Redbelly Water Snake is aggressive and will bite. The snakes will typically stay out of the way of humans, but will strike to defend themselves. The name Nerodia erythrogaster comes from four Greek words, Neros, Dia, Erythros and Gaster. Neros means flowing or liquid, Dia means through, Erythros means red, and Gaster means belly.

Key Field Marks:

Key Behaviors:

Habit and Range:

Walnut Creek Sighting: Found dead along greenway near Peterson Street in April of 2008.

Redbelly Water Snake
Redbelly Water Snake
Photo by permission of Chris Helms

This page prepared by 8th grader William E.
Exploris Middle School - Fall 2008