Trash in the Wetlands

City trash
City trash often washes
into urban creeks and wetlands
through stormwater drains.

Trash is unsightly along city streets, but in a wetland system it actually becomes a hazard to wildlife and water quality. Plastics make their way into the food web and have been found in the digestive systems of mussels and fish in freshwater creeks, and dolphins and birds in estuaries where freshwater rivers drain.

There are two main sources of trash in the Walnut Creek wetlands. Some trash is dumped directly in the wetlands along city streets. Dumping is illegal and residents should report any such activity to city officials.

You can make a difference by making sure trash is thrown into proper waste bins in the city. You can also help improve our urban wetlands and freshwater river systems by participating in annual cleanup efforts like NC Big Sweep:

Please contact the Walnut Creek Wetland Center for more information on how you can help clean up our urban wetlands!

More trashVolunteers cleaning up
Volunteers help with semiannual wetlands cleanups at Walnut Creek. Tire dumping is a common problem in the Walnut Creek wetlands.