Chinese Wisteria
(Wisteria sinensis)

Chinese Wisteria
Chinese Wisteria

INVASIVE SPECIES- Originated in Asia

Description: Chinese Wisteria is a fast growing deciduous vine. It only blooms with full or partial sunlight. Wisteria has established itself in all but a few states in the north central and eastern United States. It is often planted as an ornamental in both urban and rural settings.

Growth Habit: Aggressive vine. Grows 70 feet (20-30 meters) tall. Wraps around trees and other plants.

Leaves: Leaves are alternate, compound, green, and shiny. The leaves turn yellow in the fall and are 2-3 inches (5-8cm) long.

Flowers/Fruit: White, blue, or purple flowers. Fuzzy brown seed pods with brown seeds inside.

Value to Wildlife: It gives shelter to many creatures living around it, especially various nesting birds. It also produces pollen and nectar for birds and insects that need it.

Ecological Threat: It wraps around trees, steals their sunlight, and chokes them.

Similar species: Japanese Wisteria (Wisteria florlbounda), and Native Wisteria(Wisteria frutscens)

This page prepared by 8th grader Madeline H.
Exploris Middle School - Fall 2009