Wolf Spider
(Hogna carolinensis)

Wolf Spider
Photo by permission of Emanuele Biggi

Seasons in Walnut Creek: Year-round resident

The wolf spider is a very interesting arachnid that is very different from other spiders. The most significant difference is the fact that they live together in large holes in the ground called burrows. The burrows are surrounded by a fortress of debris called torrents to keep unwanted items out. They were named the Wolf Spider because it was rumored that they hunted together in packs, much like wolves do. After some study, this was disproven, but the name remains the same.

Key Field Marks:

Key Behaviors:

Habit and Range:

Walnut Creek Sighting: Multiple sightings in floodplain west of State Street Bridge. Usually found on ground.

Wolf Spider
Photo by permission of Randy Newman
Wolf Spider
Photo by permission of Matt Windsor

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Exploris Middle School - Fall 2008