About Our School

About Our School

“Global Education offers perspectives and strategies that are not commonly found in schools, yet are critical to the development of students who can prosper in a complex, global system and can contribute to the building of more just and sustainable world” – Graham Pike

At The Exploris School we are committed to global education. Since welcoming our first class in 1997 our school-wide instructional approach has been based on preparing our students for life in an interconnected world. We explore new ways for students to learn about the world and themselves. Together, Exploris teachers, students, and parents have created a dynamic learning environment that truly redefines the K-8 educational experience. Innovation and excellence are the standards we use to measure our success, and we have earned a reputation for both.


Interdisciplinary inquiry-based theme projects that focus on compelling and current issues like sustainable living, peace and conflict, world health, and human rights bring authenticity to the students’ work. Authentic material and human resources replace textbooks as the primary learning tools. Students create and problem solve. Learning becomes active and student-centered. The core subjects come alive in this context and gain the relevance that is sometimes missing when they are presented in isolation.

National and State educational standards provide the platform on which teachers build age appropriate, thematic projects. These projects engage students in essential foundational skills – numeracy, literacy, and critical thinking.

This type of project-based learning motivates students (and teachers) by using long term, real world investigations of compelling subjects which end in public presentations. Teachers design curriculum around thematic projects, coupled with active teaching practices that foster student success and build positive school culture. Students are encouraged to approach subjects as research, providing a path to learning that promotes a sense of discovery and wonderment.


Exploris students become familiar with the vast resources of Raleigh and its surrounding communities, including museums, state government, universities, the performing arts, and local businesses. Community partnerships and culminating theme projects are central to Exploris’ student-centered globally focused curriculum.

Exploris also challenges students to be a crew, not passengers (to borrow from the Outward Bound motto). Students come to view themselves as an essential part of their own educational experience; to take an active role in their learning; to embody the school culture.

Each school day begins with CREW meeting, also known as “morning meeting.” This is a time to share, connect, work on team building, and discuss the day’s upcoming activities. One of Exploris’s key values is RELATIONSHIPS, which are built, in part, through creating a sense of community within the classroom, the school as a whole, families, and the community at large.


Participation in the Exploris experience extends to the community of adults who care for our children. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and guardians all have an opportunity to play a role in the Exploris community of learners. From classroom volunteers, to chaperones, to office assistance, to board members, to financial supporters, there are ample ways to get involved – and we rely on it.

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