Capital Campaign FAQ

Capital Campaign FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions
The Exploris School Foundation Capital Campaign for Education Innovation

What is a capital campaign?

A capital fundraising campaign is an intensive fundraising effort in a defined time frame for a specific
capital project such as a new building, a renovation or large equipment purchases. The dollar goal is
substantially more than The Exploris School has ever tackled before for its annual needs. The
fundraising strategy used in capital campaigns uses leading community volunteers as canvassers to
solicit leadership gifts from donors. The strategy also includes the use of Exploris parent volunteers to
assist with educating our parent and alumni population about the campaign as well as networking with
parents and alumni regarding their own gift participation.

Is participation required?

We sincerely hope that all families, faculty and staff, alumni, and friends will participate by making a twoyear
pledge to the capital campaign. Although the dollar figures pledged by different families will vary
greatly, the act of participating is a meaningful symbol of your commitment to the future of The Exploris
School. It is our hope that you will place Exploris at the top of your list to receive charitable contributions
for the next two years.

What is the expected amount to give?

There is no “quota” set for anyone, and all gifts are appreciated. However, we are hoping for a gift that is
meaningful and a stretch from each family. There will be gift recognition opportunities in the new building
for those who wish to honor or recognize their own support or the commitment of others to the school. A
gift chart is attached, and it identifies the size gifts it will take to complete our goal of $1M. Stock
donations are also acceptable gifts toward the capital campaign and could provide donors with additional
tax benefits. Please consult your tax advisor.

What is a “multi-year” pledge?

The campaign is designed so that families can make payments on their pledges over a two-year period.
If a family can give a cash gift of a certain amount in one calendar year, we would like to ask for that
same amount to be extended for two years, thereby increasing the total amount of the pledge.

Are gifts tax-deductible?

One hundred percent of your gift is tax-deductible. Exploris will generate receipts in January for gifts
made within the previous calendar year.

How does my capital campaign gift relate to my annual fund gift?

Exploris operates an annual fund each year for regular program needs. Annual fund gifts are single cash
gifts or one-year pledges.

Donations of all levels are needed to help us reach
our $1M goal. Tax-deductible gifts can be made online at or with paper pledge cards.

Please contact the Executive Director, Ellie Schollmeyer, to discuss stock donations or naming
opportunities at

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