Exploris is Expanding to Elementary

Elementary Application Process:

You will find the Elementary Application here.  We will accept applications for the elementary school through 8 AM on Monday, March 17, and the lottery will be held at 4:00 on Wednesday, April 16.

We will be accepting applications for kindergarten through 5th grade. Siblings of currently enrolled students AND the siblings of students selected through the February 7, 2014 middle school lottery will be given the sibling preference.

Applications can be faxed, emailed, mailed or hand delivered to:

Mary Margaret Moffitt
401 Hillsborough St.,
Raleigh, NC 27603
mmoffitt @
(fax) 919.715.2042


Facilities:  Everything hinges on this and in fact, the applications state that enrollment is contingent upon the school securing a site.

The school is actively searching for a permanent home for the K-8.  We anticipate this will be a 2-3 year search/renovation process.  The school is actively searching for interim locations for the elementary program.

Curriculum and Programming:  We know that prospective families will have specific questions regarding curriculum and programming (will the elementary school have art, a foreign language, music, service learning, etc?)  Much of that is in the initial planning phase. It will be important for the elementary staff to take a lead in the finalization of those plans.  I can tell you that we will have enrichment classes (I’d love to have at least art and music); elementary kids will have recess everyday (outside on most days); and that  the social curriculum will be just as important as the academic curriculum (For more info on that see ).

The elementary academic program will focus on building strong foundational skills (numeracy, literacy, and critical thinking). Like the middle school, that focus will be contextualized in a project-based setting.  We don’t want kids to ask, “Why do I need to learn this anyway?”  Through the application of content and skills in authentic, real world contexts, that answer should be apparent to students. (For a glimpse of what students can do when given meaningful project work, go to and adjust the grade range to view work from k-5 students.)

Also, like the middle school, students will engage in service learning. That service will mainly be integrated into the thematic projects and will not occur as frequently as at the middle school level.

Ultimately, the school’s mission, vision, and values will remain a constant throughout the elementary and middle school programs.

Tours and Informational Sessions:  Please keep in mind that we do not currently have an elementary school up and running.  School tours will focus on Exploris’s mission, vision, and values as demonstrated in the middle school.  This will give parents a glimpse of the end result when students complete an Exploris education.  Q & As after each tour will be more focused on elementary programming.

For all tours and meetings at the school, Parking is extremely limited.  Visitors will need to park on the street or in paid public parking lots.


Tuesday, February 25 – 9:45 and 10:30 AM

Thursday, February 27 – 1:15 and 2:00 PM

Tuesday, March 4 – 1:15 and 2:00 PM

Thursday, March 6 – 9:45 and 10:30 AM

Informational Sessions:

Thursday, February 20: 7:45 – 9:00 AM at Exploris Middle School

Thursday, February  27:  6:30-7:30 at  John P. “Top” Greene Community Center located at 401 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd at the corner of East and MLK

Saturday, March 15: 10 AM – 11 AM at Exploris Middle School

Again, we will accept applications for the elementary school through 8 AM on Monday, March 17, and the lottery will be held at 4:00 on Wednesday, April 16.

3010 Lottery and Enrollment Policy

Lottery Frequently Asked Questions

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